Preparations, Paintings & Pride in the Park

Something very exciting is happening this weekend. Two very exciting things actually…


If you can’t see from this hurriedly taken photo of my Pride in the Park tickets, I’m headed to Derby for a fantastic and glamorous evening of entertainment and auction as part of Born Free Foundation’s 30th anniversary celebrations.

I even dusted off my coloured pencils and did my first piece of art work in two years for the occasion! As a prize donation to the raffle, I created this image of a leopard, based on a photo I took of Born Free’s Kuma when I was out in Shamwari – obviously I have a bit of artistic license, and I draw free hand rather than tracing or ‘squaring-up’, I’m not claiming this leaopard drawing actually looks like Kuma – or is supposed to be him, it was just a great resource for the drawing.

The second exciting part of my weekend – on the theme of art – will be a trip to the opening of Pollyanna Pickering’s exhibition as part of the Born Free Foundation Celebration Day on Sunday.


I’ve been a fan of Pollyanna’s work since the days I used to subscribe to a beautiful magazine called Wildscape, specifically exploring and celebrating wildlife art.


It’s going to be an awesome 24 hours – can’t wait to tell you all about it on the other side!



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