Reblog: Undercover investigation reveals chimps being sold as pets for £10,000

At the beginning of this month I came across this poignant and in-depth exploration of an undercover operation that revealed the true extent of chimp trafficking. An absolutely devastating industry concerning a species listed as Appendix 1 by CITES, which mass media is only just gaining insight to. Written by and originally featured on a blog called According to Jess


According to Jess

BBC News investigation has uncovered a huge section of the wildlife trafficking business  that sells baby chimpanzees as pets for £10,000, after their families are shot dead in front of them.

The well-known West African hub for wildlife trafficking, which is known as the “blue room” was uncovered by the BBC’s 12 month investigation, and reveals how the tiny chimps are taken from the wild to be sold as pets. Chimpanzees are in high demand as pets or zoo performers across many countries. Baby chimpanzees are sold to wealthy homeowners for a minimum of around £10,000, although it can be a lot more.

The investigation revealed that poachers would shoot as many of the adults in a family as they could to prevent the young chimpanzees from resisting capture. This also meant that the poachers could sell the older chimps as bushmeat. This method means that for every one baby that…

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